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I just wanted again to tell you how great your staff is- at both facilities!

Every time I come in, people are always willing to give me information when I ask- they all know their members and are willing to take suggestions I have as well.  

Your staff is always busy but never tell me they are and can’t help me.

Even all of your activity people are amazing at both sites- everyone is kept busy, and even they have information for me when I ask. The things they do look cool, and I actually learned a new game the other day.

Managers/Supervisors- Shar, Sandy, Emily, Ammie-are also always on top of what I need. I hope I haven’t missed anyone- and if I did it was an accident. Even Lauire in billing helps me too!

I have an extra special shout out for the PM shift in Delavan last night…we are both very grateful for all of your staff!

Please continue to be great!

Mom's Survey and Family's Personal Note ~Cheryl L.

My mom received a resident survey that I helped her complete. The first thing she said to me when we sat down to complete it was, "give them 5 stars for everything!" Receiving the resident survey prompted me to reach out to you from a resident family perspective to not only share how very happy my Mom is with her move to RidgeStone Terrace but how grateful our family is that your entire team is so wonderful to her, and truly enhancing her quality of life. She is so happy, has transitioned pretty well, loves her apartment, and really enjoys the activities that are offered for her to partake in.

The last year and a half has been very emotionally difficult for my Mom, losing two of her sons in succession, one just recently. Our family really appreciates the extra oversight she has received from your team members to keep her spirits high and quality of life positive during these difficult emotional times when she could easily get depressed. I can't express what a comfort to me personally it was knowing my Mom had such support around her when I had to be at the hospital supporting my young nieces and unable to be with her at that time.

On a personal level, I wanted to let you know how accommodating and resourceful Ammie has been to me (as well as my mom) since day one. She is never anything less than profoundly professional and prompt in her actions and correspondence with me, addresses all of my mom's needs promptly and has been so compassionate to both of us as we navigate the ebbs and flows of "93 old" living! She shares her professional insight to help assist me in making sure my mom has everything she needs, and is extremely easy to talk with. It is apparent that she communicates very well with her team to best serve my mom and her needs. It is not easy to turn over the intimate care of a loved one to strangers, so I am so thankful for the comfort level your staff has provided me.

Dad LOVED Ridgestone! ~Carol and Tom K.

Dad was always a very independent person, always trying to do for himself.  When he started needing more help then we could get him at his condo, he was reluctant to admit it.

He was so thrilled with everything Ridgestone offered him. He would constantly brag about how good the care, the food, the people, the room, the view, etc., was! I was not able to visit often, living out of state. I relied mostly on my sister to handle a huge majority of what was required. She and Dad both  would speak constantly of how great the staff was. I know that when I was able to visit, I was constantly struck by how clean everything was. (As a teenager, I worked in the kitchens at a nursing home, and the smell on the floors alone could knock you over.) All the rooms, dining, conference, residents, etc., are clean, bright and cheerful and the staff just add icing to that cake!

Dad truly enjoyed the activities and seemed happy in every way we could possibly hope for. Thank you, Emily and all the staff (sorry I don’t know all your names) for everything you did to give Dad so much more than assisted living and memory care – you gave him a home!

Dad was somewhat reluctant to give up his condo...(but) within 2 weeks of moving in...Dad considered Ridgestone Terrace his permanent home and wouldn’t move back for anything. ~Jan T.

Dad joined the Ridgestone Terrace family in 2017. At that time, he was somewhat reluctant to give up his condo and was unsure of what an assisted living residence environment would feel like. He wanted to stay in Elkhorn and we knew of acquaintances that had chosen Ridgestone Terrace.

Our first impression was one of cleanliness, care and friendly personable staff. We were so delighted that within 2 weeks of moving into the assisted living section, Dad considered Ridgestone Terrace his permanent home and wouldn’t move back for anything. He felt so well taken care of, so well fed, so well looked after, I do believe he wished he had moved sooner!

When it came time to move Dad to the memory care section, The Gardens at Ridgestone, due to Alzheimer’s, he was somewhat confused as to why he had been moved. The wonderful staff at The Gardens at Ridgestone always treated him with warmth, gentleness and, above all, respect. This consideration extended to me. Every time I came to see Dad, every single staff person I encountered greeted me with a smile and genuine cheer, and somehow knew who I was and who I came to see. I can’t say I always remembered everyone’s name, but I remember their treatment of Dad as absolutely the best I ever could have asked for. Their willingness to work with me and cooperation in anything I ever asked for, for my Dad will always be appreciated.

As manager of Ridgestone Gardens, Emily is superb, and this excellency works its way throughout the entire staff. Thank you all for the journey you took with my Dad. He couldn’t have had better travel partners.

When I suffered from a serious health issue, I was able to go through rehab, but was not able to go home at that point. ~Don A.  

My family found RidgeStone, as the stepping stone in between the nursing home and being able to be at home again.

RidgeStone Assisted Living is a wonderful place to live.  I have been able to continue on with my visiting therapy team and I am getting stronger every day. The care staff at RidgeStone has helped during the transition making sure I am well looked after and cared for.

I enjoy visiting with friends at mealtimes and hearing all the fun stories. 

My friends and family come and visit every day! I am looking forward to returning home, but if you need a place to go, RidgeStone is the place to be!

I know that Ridgestone will always be there for me should I need it again…and that gives me peace of mind….”  

I came to RidgeStone after my husband passed away. ~Joanne W.

I was no longer able to live on my own and I could not live with my children as they have their own lives. I have my own life here and love it at RidgeStone.

The people here are lovely and I and have made many good friends! It is so nice to sit and visit, and never have to leave the building! Especially in the winter! We also love to take walks outside when it warms up.  My friends and I love to participate in the activities and go on the country rides, you never know which route the driver will take; it is always an adventure!

I enjoy all the staff members, they are wonderful and they take very good care of us!  They help me with what I need, but allow me to do what I still can!

We came to RidgeStone because we could no longer take care of our home. ~Frank & Gerry S.

Everyday things like cooking and cleaning became harder and harder to do and we knew it was time.

We love it that our meals are cooked for us and they are served right to us! Our apartment is also cleaned for us and the whole place is kept very neat!

After talking with our family, we knew it was a great move to make! 

I cannot express enough, the difference between where my husband was originally placed and where he is now. ~Donna W.

A burden has been taken off my shoulders and I know he is being well cared for. As he declines in memory, I will always remember the staff that worked so hard to make RidgeStone his home.

My husband's transition over to RidgeStone was rocky in the first six months, as you can attest to. With your understanding, compassion and love, he is becoming a part of the RidgeStone community. I truly appreciate everything that has been done on his behalf to make him more comfortable in his surroundings, giving him things he enjoys and comforting him when I am not there. The phone calls are always appreciated.

The cooperation of management has been key to his comfort level and knowing what triggers his wanting to leave. Your staff  have been wonderful in working with me.

The Honor Flight was a well deserved honor for my husband. I appreciate the effort that was put in to that in order to let him go. It was hard on everyone, but at least he received the recognition of being a veteran in Korea.