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Do you have both 1 and 2 bedroom apartments?
Yes, we have both types of apartments.

Do you have transportation available for the residents?
RidgeStone does have its own drivers and transportation.

For any scheduled activities by the activity departments, there is no charge.

If appointments are needed, transportation is set up with our Resident Services Manager. There is a charge of $25 per hour and $.50 per mile. We encourage family members to attend doctor appointments as our driver can only go as far as the waiting room. 

What types of providers come to RidgeStone?
RidgeStone is happy to have many different providers coming into our communities. Some examples include:
Physical, Speech & Occupational Therapy groups
Visiting Nursing Groups
Hospice Groups
Lab Services
Pharmacy Services
Hair Dressing Services
Library services

It is always the resident choice as to which provider is utilized.

What types of spiritual support does RidgeStone offer?
RidgeStone has a couple different people on staff for one-on-one spiritual support. We also have different church groups that come in for Bible studies, church services, communion services, sing-a-longs, etc.

I would really like my loved one to get out once in a while, does your activity department go out into the community?
We most certainly do! Our activity departments are very active with in-house activities as well as community activities. Some of the outings include, but are not limited to, plays and performances, lunch outings, country rides, field trips, etc. 

Can family members join their loved ones for a meal?
Of course you can! We love it when guests come! We just ask that you give the kitchen notice that you are coming so we can plan our meal accordingly and make sure we have a nice table set aside for your group. 
Cost for guest meals are:
$5.00 Breakfast
$8.00 Lunch
$5.00 Supper

What types of funding are accepted at RidgeStone?
RidgeStone Assisted Living is primarily a private pay organization, but we do accept a program through the State of Wisconsin called Family Care. If you have questions regarding this program please contact the Walworth County Aging and Disability Resource Center at (262) 741-3400.

RidgeStone also accepts VA funding. To see if you are eligible for this program, please contact the Walworth County Veterans Service Office at (262) 741-4222.

What is the process for admission?
First, we would love to meet you and have you come in for a visit and assessment. This assessment determines which type of assisted living you or your loved one will require. 

From that point, there is a packet of admission paperwork that will need to be completed. You will also need a physical and TB test prior to admission. 

Once we have all items, we can set up a date for admission. Please be advised that we do not take admissions on Friday afternoons, Saturdays and Sundays. 

What is an Activated Power of Attorney for Healthcare?
An activation of a power of attorney simply means that two physicians have signed a Statement of Incapacity which declares the person incompetent or incapacitated, therefore activating the Power of Attorney for Healthcare designee. This person is responsible for all paperwork and medical decisions.

RidgeStone can only admit a person with an activated power of attorney to the CBRF (Community Based Residential Facility) section of its community per state regulations.

We do require a copy of the Statement of Incapacity and the Power of Attorney for Healthcare

Do you allow pets?
Sorry, we do not allow pets. We do although allow them to visit.

Can I administer my own medications?
It is your choice whether to administer your own medications and use the pharmacy of your choosing.

RidgeStone takes an all or nothing approach to medication administration. If we are to administer medications, we will need a signed medication list from your physician with times and dosages to be given. This also includes any over the counter medications. If we are administering, it is understood that the resident may have no medications in their possession.

The pharmacy that RidgeStone is currently using is Rock Med Pharmacy. If you have medication specific questions, or questions regarding insurance, please contact them directly. 

Are phone and TV services included?
Phone and TV services are not included in the monthly rent.