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Don A.When I suffered from a serious health issue, I was able to go through rehab, but was not able to go home at that point. ~Don A.  

My family found RidgeStone, as the stepping stone in between the nursing home and being able to be at home again.

RidgeStone Assisted Living is a wonderful place to live.  I have been able to continue on with my visiting therapy team and I am getting stronger every day. The care staff at RidgeStone has helped during the transition making sure I am well looked after and cared for.

I enjoy visiting with friends at mealtimes and hearing all the fun stories. 

My friends and family come and visit every day! I am looking forward to returning home, but if you need a place to go, RidgeStone is the place to be!

I know that Ridgestone will always be there for me should I need it again…and that gives me peace of mind….”  


Joanne W.I came to RidgeStone after my husband passed away. ~Joanne W.

I was no longer able to live on my own and I could not live with my children as they have their own lives. I have my own life here and love it at RidgeStone.

The people here are lovely and I and have made many good friends! It is so nice to sit and visit, and never have to leave the building! Especially in the winter! We also love to take walks outside when it warms up.  My friends and I love to participate in the activities and go on the country rides, you never know which route the driver will take; it is always an adventure!

I enjoy all the staff members, they are wonderful and they take very good care of us!  They help me with what I need, but allow me to do what I still can!


Frank and Gerry S.We came to RidgeStone because we could no longer take care of our home. ~Frank & Gerry S.

Everyday things like cooking and cleaning became harder and harder to do and we knew it was time.

We love it that our meals are cooked for us and they are served right to us! Our apartment is also cleaned for us and the whole place is kept very neat!

After talking with our family, we knew it was a great move to make! 


I cannot express enough, the difference between where my husband was originally placed and where he is now. ~Donna W.

A burden has been taken off my shoulders and I know he is being well cared for. As he declines in memory, I will always remember the staff that worked so hard to make RidgeStone his home.

My husband's transition over to RidgeStone was rocky in the first six months, as you can attest to. With your understanding, compassion and love, he is becoming a part of the RidgeStone community. I truly appreciate everything that has been done on his behalf to make him more comfortable in his surroundings, giving him things he enjoys and comforting him when I am not there. The phone calls are always appreciated.

The cooperation of management has been key to his comfort level and knowing what triggers his wanting to leave. Your staff  have been wonderful in working with me.

The Honor Flight was a well deserved honor for my husband. I appreciate the effort that was put in to that in order to let him go. It was hard on everyone, but at least he received the recognition of being a veteran in Korea.